human first.

"human first" is the perspective that our humanity comes first. It's a phrase that reminds you to consider your own and others' basic human needs, respects, and rights before engaging in any action. It's holding empathy and compassion before judgment and shame. "human first" reminds us of one very important truth: We are, and always will be, human first. Before our jobs, our roles, our expectations, and our egos. 

If you'd like to join in the movement, you can get our free 6-piece Human First Tattoo Sheet below. We created multiple options as we understand humans are diverse, complex, and have different preferences.

Why a tattoo?

We're constantly bombarded by messages about ourselves and the world. It seemed like it would feel nice to be permanently reminded of my and others' humanity., and it is. #humanfirst

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human first tattoo

Join the community and spread the perspective. Six different options to choose from.

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