Dr. Courtney Tracy has been spearheading the mental health-based HUMAN First Movement since 2020 when she first burst onto the scene as TikTok's infamous No-BS Therapist at the start of the pandemic. Since then, she's connected with almost two million people worldwide who understand the meaning behind the phrase and live their life by it.

HUMAN First is the perspective that our humanity comes first. It's a phrase that reminds you to consider your own and others' basic human needs, respects, and rights before engaging in any action. It's holding empathy and compassion before judgment and shame. HUMAN First reminds us of one very important truth: We are, and always will be, human first, before our jobs, our roles, our expectations, and our egos. 

Getting the HUMAN First Tattoo is a symbol of a deep and ever-lasting understanding of these concepts. Take a look at our community photos below and if you'd like to join in the movement, you can get our free 6-piece HUMAN First Tattoo Sheet at no cost below. We created multiple options as we understand humans are diverse, complex, and have different preferences. Don't see one you like? Go get your own and send it to us! 


Dr. Courtney on being a Human First

"When you realize that every single person around you is a human being first--before they are your therapist, your partner, your child, your employee, your barista, or whoever--you tend to start treating them with more respect. You let them exist outside of the expectations you set for them in your head. You understand that your needs are their needs, too. You are one-in-the-same, no matter how different you think you are. We are all human." 

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HUMAN First.

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