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The Truth Doctor's award-winning content paved the way for normalizing mental health conversations and breaking down the barriers between "therapist", "client", and "human".

From using pop culture, mass media, psychoeducation, and personal disclosure as her mediums, Dr. Courtney and her team produce static, story-based, short-form, and long-form content meant to teach audiences the truth about how their bodies, brains, and minds work and how to live the kind of life they want to live.

Not afraid to tell the TRUTH.

Note: Dr. Courtney Tracy is a CA-licensed clinical social worker. Truth Doctor content does not replace therapy, is not confidential, and should not be interpreted as mental health or medical advice. No content will ever disclose protected health information or identifiable client information. 


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The LA Times

“One of the leading voices – giving advice ... She’s also one of the most satisfying to watch.”

The New York Times

“Pop-culture saturated musings on topics ranging from trauma anxiety to signs of emotional abuse.”

Cosmopolitan Magazine

“We’re really into how honest Dr Tracy is about her own experiences.”

Nutritious Life

“Her account is raw, real and completely approachable. It’s like the doctor’s office of our dreams.”

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