Your Unconscious Is Showing, Inc.

YUIS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Courtney Tracy. 

Our mission is to educate the youth on how their human mind and body work and to fight the stigma around mental health & related issues.

Our 501(c)3 tax identification number is 82-5499778.



Our founding team is a real family who have each personally experienced trauma and who have suffered as a result of not knowing how our mind and body worked soon enough. Our mission is to prevent others from experiencing what we did. 
Every human being deserves to know how to take care of themselves and to understand who they are and how they function.
We plan to do this in the following three ways.


We believe access to knowledge, combined with the ability to implement what you learn, is vital to mental health stability and success.

We will hold psychoeducation-based events at high schools and colleges where Dr. Courtney and other local clinicians, survivors, doctors and community leaders will teach the young audiences about how their mind and body work in relatable, accessible ways.


We will encourage authenticity and truthfulness throughout all of our events and will inspire a sense of internal safety within our audience. 

During each event, we will offer a safe space for our audience members, our local presenters and our internal YUIS team to share mental health related stories and how the information they taught the audience has changed their life for the better.



Change, growth and healing take time. Over time, our goal is to deepen the connection our organization has with each community we present at.

After each event, we will give away various support items to all audience members and larger items, including therapy scholarships, to those in significant need along with a free, up-to-date list of mental health resources specific to the demographic area.


Frequently Asked Questions

All YUIS, Inc. donations go towards funding the events including rental space, local presenter honorariums, creation of local resource documents, audience member mental health care scholarships and more.

Your Unconscious Is Showing, Inc. focuses on human beings that are between the ages of 14-24. We focus on this age range not only because this is when our founding team members feel they could have used the psychoeducation we provide the most but also because up-to-date research also shows that this population is struggling with their mental health, a lack of resources, and minimal psychoeducation at alarmingly increasing rates.

We are working on developing our final structure of events. We plan to be able to hold our first events between fall 2023 and spring 2024. 

Please email [email protected] for more information. 



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