"One of the leading voices ... giving advice on everything from dealing with intrusive thoughts to navigating the emotional fallout of COVID-19. She’s also one of the most satisfying to watch."

Julissa James
The Los Angeles Times

"Changing the way we think about mental health ... she's got a great podcast, too. Check it out."

Andy Cohen
Talk Show Host, Producer, and Writer

"Dr. Courtney Tracy has been a source of calm for her followers on social media."

Lisa McCree
Host of LA Times Today

"Pop-culture-saturated musings on topics ranging from trauma anxiety to signs of emotional abuse."

Dani Blum
The New York Times

"We're really into how honest Dr Tracy is about her own experiences"

Jennifer Savin
Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Her account is raw, real and completely approachable. It’s like the doctor’s office of our dreams."

Ashley Camuso
Nutritious Life

Meet Dr. Courtney


With over 2 million followers on social media, Dr. Courtney Tracy, known as "The Truth Doctor", is a renowned psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, healthcare entrepreneur, creator, speaker, writer, activist, and social media show/podcast host.

By the age of 29, Dr. Courtney successfully completed her A.A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Math and Science, B.A. in Psychology, Masters in Social Work, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychologywith multiple honorsand received independent licensure from the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California. 

While completing her doctorate, Dr. Courtney founded and became CEO of her first full-service (from detox to outpatient) multidisciplinary treatment center and non-profit community housing facility. After a family trauma in early 2019, Dr. Courtney entered the online world as "The Truth Doctor" sharing the truth about her own struggles (even as a mental health professional) and normalizing what it means to be a 'human'.

Within a few years, Dr. Courtney has been named the American Influencer Awards 2021 Wellness Influencer of the Year, the Anthem Awards 2022 Best Health Strategy (silver) & Best Health Leader of the Year (silver), and was a 2022 nominee for two Webby Awards in Education & Discovery and Health, Wellness & Lifestyle, and a 2022 Shorty Award in Fitness, Health & Wellness.

Dr. Courtney lives with her husband and young child in Southern California. 




Now scheduling for fall 2022/spring 2023

Yes. Dr. Courtney regularly appears as an expert on The LA Times Today, Good Morning America, NBC, and other media outlets. You may email [email protected] to request her appearance.

Dr. Courtney's books are not currently open.

Yes. Dr. Courtney is known for her speaking abilities and incredible ability to bring an audience together. She is available for worldwide engagements and can travel. Email [email protected] with details regarding the event attendance request. Thank you!

Yes. You can email [email protected] for more information. When emailing, please provide details.



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