Emotional Regulation: Depressive Disorder vs. Borderline Personality

In this article, I provide my bi-weekly research summary on a topic I think may help others in some way. This week I focused on depression, borderline personality, and different types of emotional regulation. I read the research so you don't have to

Emotional Regulation: Depressive Disorder vs. Borderline Personality


What is Emotion Regulation?

Emotion regulation is the process of managing our emotional responses to events and situations. It is a complex process that involves a variety of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological mechanisms. Emotion regulation can be adaptive or maladaptive. Adaptive emotion regulation helps us to cope with stress and to maintain emotional balance. Maladaptive emotion regulation can lead to problems such as anxiety, depression, and aggression.

Today I'm going to summarize for you the following article

Title: Daily Emotion Regulation in Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder

Author/s: Ulrike Zetsche,...

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