Founder and Producer of the Truth Doctor

Dr. Courtney Tracy, also known as "The Truth Doctor," is a USC-trained licensed clinical social worker (93285), doctor of clinical psychology, autistic human, recovered borderline, and the founder of the Truth Doctor, a mental wellness company built to teach people what it means to be human.

Clinically, she specializes in substance use and borderline personality, and holds over 10 years of direct client experience. She also offers private coaching for high-profile social media creators and influencers struggling with their careers and well-being. 

In 2017, Dr. Courtney founded her first multi-disciplinary treatment center in Santa Barbara, CA. Since 2020, she has developed the Truth Doctor, sold her first center, and has begun writing her debut non-fiction book alongside the development of her next treatment business. She is married to her partner of 18 years, has a young son, and is expecting her second child.

Dr. Courtney knows what it's like to struggle with mental health difficulties and has dedicated her to time to provide her community with the resources you need to change and control their lives.

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meet the  team 


Our Mission 

Helping human beings learn how to exist, as themselves and with others.


Our Approach

For many, it's not just about reducing symptoms through therapy or treatment. It's about becoming the kind of human you want to be, and that's where the Truth Doctor platform can help. 

Created by Dr. Courtney Tracy, USC-trained licensed clinical social worker and doctor of clinical psychology, Truth Doctor resources are developed combining evidence-based education, expert-led and peer-based programming, and existential, cognitive, and psychological frameworks.


Creative Director

Hi, I'm Sammi! I'm the Creative Director at The Truth Doctor brand. I work on all things creative from graphic design to video editing. My passion is being able to take an idea and bring it to life using my artistic expertise. When I'm not working you can find me decorating my Island in Animal Crossing or cosplaying my favorite characters.


Operations Director

Hi, I'm Max. I'm a seasoned startup leader with a proven record of successfully building and growing mental health companies and platforms. I manage all Truth Doctor internal systems, collaborations, finances, and goals. This work motivates me because the outcome allows people to connect, grow, and get better at being themselves. When I'm not working you can find me teaching my son about the world and relaxing. 


Wellness Coach

Hey, I’m Maggie Scotto, the somatics and mindfulness coach in the Glad You Exist Community. I am a certified trauma-sensitive yoga, breathwork, and meditation instructor. The journey back to self can be one of the most beautiful journeys we ever take. As your coach, I am committed to supporting and walking alongside you every step of the way, providing a safe and compassionate space for exploration and growth. In my free time, you’ll find me with friends, family, or being outside!

why we exist

Mental health problems are on the rise, especially for the younger generations, and mental health resources are often not accessible and not inclusive of stigmatized populations. Traditional, and even some modern, resources are too expensive, too judgmental, and too inaccessible.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to mental wellness - just like support groups, educational services, and entertainment-/experience-based activities are encouraged for overall physical wellness, our community membership, content, and courses are just some of the ways to begin improving your overall mental wellness.